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6th IBDC

International Banknote Designers Association



It is with great regret and sadness that we must revert to you with the news that we have decided to cancel the planned 6th IBDC, scheduled to take place from 24-27 October 2022 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

We have struggled to secure an adequate level of both Member and Partner support for this event resulting in an insufficient delegate registration level as well as a lack of speaker confirmation making it impossible for us to issue a proper confirmed agenda and to assure a viable event. Based on current registration levels we would incur a significant financial loss if we move forward with the 6th IBDC and it would create limited value for you.

We recognise the resources, time and costs associated with your participation in an IBDC and do not feel that you would derive a reasonable return on your investment with such a limited designer/design decision-maker delegation attending.

At this time, it is difficult to pin-point the principal causes for such a low registration level, but we have not received enough new registrations since several weeks and our direct contact with Members is revealing that most of them have not secured a budget or authorisation to attend the event.

For any further information, do not hesitate to contact us.



The 6th International Banknote Designers Conference (IBDC) is a dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives.

In 2021 we have broadened the scope of our activity to include innovation in the cash payment and access marketspaces to explore and demonstrate how design can enable such innovators to bring about the necessary changes in cash ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future for cash.

In a world of choice, where the emerging multi-payments ecosystem is placing a new set of demands on cash, we must all equip ourselves with the latest actionable information to facilitate informed decision-making. The 6th IBDC is the only industry event that brings together all stakeholders in a banknote design project.

Since design has a significant impact on all stakeholders in a national cash-cycle, the issues addressed at the 6th IBDC will go far beyond the physical design process and a wide range of design-related issues facing our community today including:

  • The banknote user/user experience
  • Cash cycle evolution & model transformation
  • Cash sustainability and ecology
  • Design value/cost in perspective
  • Feature and Material design/process
  • The Global Payment Marketspace/technology stacks and cash usage

We create value for our community by addressing the real issues and providing fresh insights and thought-provoking solutions to make sure your banknote design project is a success – for everyone. During this phase of accelerated change within our community it is more important than ever to future-proof your design project and ensure that your basis for decision-making today, remains valid for tomorrow. We invite you to join us at the 6th IBDC and discover for yourself what the future holds for banknote design and how design can enable positive change in the way we all use, move and access cash.



The primary focus of the 6th IBDC taking place in Dubrovnik, Croatia from 24 to 27 October 2022 is ‘Design Community Reconnect’. A fundamental component in this process will involve showcasing how the forces and dynamics influencing banknote demand and use have evolved.

Banknote technology, substrate and process developers have been working hard and collaborating with each other during the Covid-19 pandemic to bring an incredible amount of innovation to the banknote designer. But what are these new developments? What can they do? How can they make banknotes better and how can I incorporate them into my banknote design activity?   The answers to all these questions can be found at the 6th IBDC Developers Lounge – a dedicated space for the design community to personally reconnect with technology developers and discover what’s new. During the full course of the 6th IBDC, delegates will enjoy the opportunity to directly interface with the people behind these new developments, see the technologies in action and learn how to use them. This new addition to the 6th IBDC format will allow you to get up to speed on industry innovation and deep-dive into some of the fascinating new technologies that will become part of your future!

Banknote designers must also be plugged into the accelerated rate of change and innovation taking place in how cash is actually used, moved and accesses. The banknote, as a product, depends on an efficient product support system, commonly referred to as the cash cycle, in order to meet the demands of all community stakeholders. This system is rapidly changing and will be a key factor in determining a sustainable future for cash.

Most innovation in this space has taken place independently of the design community. This emerging body of actors, frequently referred to as CashTechs are developing and deploying disruptive technologies, processes and models that will make cash more efficient, accessible and sustainable. 

Just imagine what will become possible when these new actors connect directly with the banknote design community! By discovering what these innovators are actually doing and learning more about their vision of the future, the banknote designer can shape and engineer future banknotes to fit into these new cash models and enable even higher levels of innovation that ultimately, will secure a sustainable future for cash.

Design simply cannot afford to engage with the wider cash community and play our part in enabling innovation. The products you create to not function on their own. They are part of a system and as the system changes, design holds the key to quantum improvements in how cash is used, moved and accesses. The 6th IBDC Cash innovation Zone is a dedicated space for you to learn more about how collaboration with the wider cash ecosystem is truly the key to building a sustainable future for cash!


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