6TH IBDC 23-27 April 2021, Dubrovnik, Croatia

International Banknote Designers Association

What is the 6th IBDC?

The 6th International Banknote Designers Conference (IBDC) is a dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives. Delegates will benefit from the experiences shared by counterparts from around the world. In a world of choice, where the emerging multi-payments ecosystem is placing a new set of demands on cash, we must all equip ourselves with the latest actionable information to facilitate informed decision-making. The 6th IBDC is the only industry event that brings together all stakeholders in a banknote design project. We create value for our community by addressing the real issues and providing fresh insights and thought-provoking solutions to make sure your banknote design project is a success – for everyone. Join us at the 6th IBDC and discover for yourself what the future holds for banknote design and our industry.


What is Design Really All About?

Fundamentally, it is about creating attention. Engaging the banknote user with  specific messages is achieved through smart design and via this process, Central Banks can create confidence and trust among banknote users. This is one but not the only priority for most Central Banks.

In this period of payment tool choice, banknote designers and design decision- makers must orientate their resources and activities more than ever towards  creating value. Banknotes must offer the public a unique and interesting value- proposition that embraces and amplifies the exclusive attributes and characteristics associated with cash.

This is also true as we move upstream through the banknote design and production process. The banknote value-chain does not begin with the first printing process or substrate production. Value is created from the very moment a designer conceptualises and develops a design idea. ‘Ideation’ in itself carries much value and when framed correctly and presented to decision-makers, it can become a valuable asset.

The designers challenge is to go far beyond treating a banknote as a piece of graphical art and to consider all the dimensions and ecosystems it will be used in. This approach, frequently referred to as , ‘Design Thinking’, considers the needs and expectations of all design project stakeholders. So to successfully execute a new design project and create value for all involved, one must understand what the customer actually wants and have the capacity, via smart design’ to convert this needs and expectations into a finished product within the set of parameters and limitations applied to the project. These often include:

  • Budget
  • Time
  • Material specifications
  • Process requirements
  • Cash-cycle requirements

The 6th IBDC is dedicated to this highly important topic through a series of expert presentations, panel discussions and informal exchanges, our goal is to enrich your knowledge on the subject of ‘Design Value’ and ensure that you return to your workplace with a new set of skills, competencies and perspectives on how to create, communicate and maintain ‘Design Value’.

IBDC Fast Facts

  • 98% Delegate Satisfaction
  • 74 Nationalities Represented
  • 87% Repeat Attendance Rate
  • 95% Delegates believe that the IBDC is Excellent Value for Money
  • 92% Delegates Learned Something New
  • 94% Delegates describe IBDC as a Source of Innovation
  • 97% Delegates believe that the IBDC builds bridge between Industry Stakeholders

The Speakers

All 6th IBDC Conference Speakers are considered to be experts in their specific field and their presentation will be approved by the IBDA committee before being included in the final conference agenda.

The Delegates 

Due to the highly specific and technical nature of banknote design, conference access will be limited to visitors who are directly involved in banknote design or decision – making on banknote design issues. The conference will be of particular interest to professionals active in the following domains:

Banknote Design› Concept artists› Security Design artists (origination)› Intaglio Engravers› Pre-press professionals (depth /profile plate – making)

  • Banknote Design
    • Concept Artists
    • Security Design artists (origination)
    • Intaglio Engravers
    • Pre-press professionals (depth/profile plate-making)
    • Design Management
  • Banknote Printing
      • Production Management
      • Print Management
  • Central Bank Issuing and Cash Management
      • New Series Project Teams
      • Issuing Department
      • Cash Department
  • Forensic/Scientific Community
    • Adversarial Analysis
    • Reverse Engineering
    • Perception Science
  • Feature/Substrate/Technology Developers
    • Printed Technology
    • Applied Technology
    • Embebbed Technology

Design Workshops
In response to your feedback at previous IBDC’s and your request to allow more time for workshops the, 6th IBDC will follow an optimized format, offering delegates the opportunity to attend presentation sessions in the morning of the event and Design Workshops in the afternoon. We believe that this format is more balanced and more conducive to learning and sharing knowledge.

The Designer Workshops have been developed especially for you to ensure that, as a banknote designer, you are kept up to date on the latest banknote design technologies, substrates, features, techniques and of course, threats and challenges. These workshops will be led by designers and industry experts from the IBDA Partner Network. We will also be inviting other recognized industry leaders to run certain workshops. Participation in Designer Work- shops is a great way to learn and get as much value as possible out of your time at the 6th IBDC.

Developers Lounge
We recognize that many designers do not have the opportunity to regularly interface with technical experts from industry substrate, feature or technology developers. This type of exchange is vital to ensure that banknote design embraces and benefits from the innovation and research going one in our industry. For this reason, we will introduce a new concept path the 6th IBDC – The Developers Lounge.

The Developers lounge is a bridge between those developing technologies and those using them to create modern banknote designs. Technical experts from the IBDA Partner Network will be present in The Developers Lounge to tell you more about their work and new developments. No commercial representation will be permitted, thereby facilitating the free exchange of information and ideas in a relaxed and intimate environment.