Location,TX 75035,USA

6th IBDC

International Banknote Designers Association


The 6th International Banknote Designers Conference (IBDC) is a dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives.

In 2021 we have broadened the scope of our activity to include innovation in the cash payment and access marketspaces to explore and demonstrate how design can enable such innovators to bring about the necessary changes in cash ecosystems to ensure a sustainable future for cash.

In a world of choice, where the emerging multi-payments ecosystem is placing a new set of demands on cash, we must all equip ourselves with the latest actionable information to facilitate informed decision-making. The 6th IBDC is the only industry event that brings together all stakeholders in a banknote design project.

Since design has a significant impact on all stakeholders in a national cash-cycle, the issues addressed at the 6th IBDC will go far beyond the physical design process and a wide range of design-related issues facing our community today including:

  • The banknote user/user experience
  • Cash cycle evolution & model transformation
  • Cash sustainability and ecology
  • Design value/cost in perspective
  • Feature and Material design/process
  • The Global Payment Marketspace/technology stacks and cash usage

We create value for our community by addressing the real issues and providing fresh insights and thought-provoking solutions to make sure your banknote design project is a success – for everyone. During this phase of accelerated change within our community it is more important than ever to future-proof your design project and ensure that your basis for decision-making today, remains valid for tomorrow. We invite you to join us at the 6th IBDC and discover for yourself what the future holds for banknote design and how design can enable positive change in the way we all use, move and access cash.