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IBDA New Perspective Webinars 2021

International Banknote Designers Association


New Perspective webinars

We recognise that despite confinement measures the world keeps on moving and changing. This is highly evident in our own world of payments and cash. More than ever we must keep a wider perspective on innovation and emerging trends, threats and challenges to banknotes and banknote design. We must understand the critical link between design and future change and innovation.

To do this banknote designers and design decision-makers must have access to the ‘bigger-picture’ on payments and emerging technologies. The IBDA will facilitate this process via series of New Perspective webinars that will be staged according to the following programme:

Available for viewing from  (2021)Subject
08 SeptemberWhat Makes Cash Weak – where, why and how to fix it?
27 SeptemberCASHTECHS – A Threat or an Opportunity for Cash?
12 OctoberThe Next Cash Cycle Model – What will it look like and whsy is it necessary?
20 OctoberCBDC – What is it and will it have an impact on banknotes?
30 OctoberCryptocurrencies – What are they and who is using them?
15 NovemberThe Connected Banknote – Reasons Why/Why Not
29 NovemberDesign = Art = Emotion = Attention: Creating User attention in a highly competitive banknote landscape
04 DecemberDesign and Ecology – Can we Make Banknotes Greener and How?
12 DecemberDesign as an Enabler of Innovation: Case Studies and Proof
19 DecemberThe Future Marketspaces for Cash – What to Expect and How to Manage Getting There

The New Perspective Webinar Series has been developed to allow you to view any single, selection of or all webinars according to your level of interest. Webinars will be recorded with participants and then edited and packaged to ensure efficient information and knowledge transfer to the viewer in a brief period of time. The average length of each webinar is 30 minutes and they will be made available to IBDA Members via streaming according to the dates listed in the Webinar Programme.

To find out more about the New Perspectives series of webinars, please send us a mail to info@ibd-association.com