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International Banknote Designers Association

IBDA Partners represent the pinnacle of innovation, research and development within the banknote industry. They are all leaders in their respective field and are committed to supporting excellence and evolution in banknote design through the sharing of knowledge and information. The IBDA Partnership Programme is based on the philosophy that everybody wins if banknote design continues to evolve and improve. IBDA Partners are leaders and innovators within the banknote community who conform to strict accession criteria.

The IBDA is a non-commercial organisation with no intention to facilitate promotion or any form of marketing activity by IBDA Partners. However, we fully accept that if designers and central banks are to make informed decisions, they must have all the facts and all the information.

The IBDA reaches across national, linguistic and cultural frontiers with a clear objective: – To enable better communication and information flow between designers and the industry. By supporting the designer community, who are at the source of the banknote production chain, IBDA Partners have the opportunity to demonstrate their support and commitment to ensuring evolution and progress in banknote design. Our current IBDA Partner Programme enjoys the participation of the following organisations:


The IBDA also enjoys the partnership with the following 2 organisations:


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