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Welcome to the IBDA

What is the IBDA?

The International Banknote Designers Association welcomes you and thank you for your interest in discovering more about banknotes.

The IBDA is an association for banknote designers run by banknote designers. It is a non-profit-making association registered in Switzerland with a fixed operational structure.

The IBDA was created in 2010 to connect the banknote design and design decision-maker communities with all other actors in the banknote industry. Since then we have evolved in partnership with the banknote community and act as a dedicated and unique platform, bringing together the knowledge, information and experience of our community. We facilitate the sharing of knowledge and insights via a range of educational and information exchange activities such as seminars, conferences and publication.

Our greatest single asset is ‘community’. We act as the unified voice for the international banknote designer community, representing their interests, needs and concerns to relevant banknote industry actors such as:

  • Printers
  • Suppliers
  • Technology Developers
  • Media
  • Conferences
  • Other Industry Associations
  • Central Banks

The IBDA regroups all industry actors in the pursuit of one common goal:

Making banknotes an efficient, trusted payments tool for all user

The 6th IBDC

The International Banknote Designers Conference (IBDC) is a dedicated forum for all actors involved in design and design decision-making to learn, exchange knowledge and develop new perspectives. Delegates will benefit from the experiences shared by counterparts from around the world. In a world of choice, where the emerging multi-payments ecosystem is placing a new set of demands on cash, we must all equip ourselves with the latest actionable information to facilitate informed decision-making. The IBDC is the only industry event that brings together all stakeholders in a banknote design project. We create value for our community by addressing the real issues and providing fresh insights and thought-provoking solutions to make sure your banknote design project is a success – for everyone. Join us at this year’s 6th IBDC and discover for yourself what the future holds for banknote design and our industry.

Our Committee

Mark Stevenson

President IBDA

Vanessa Lavie

Communication Manager IBDA

Manuella Pfunder

Head of Design, Gesaltung Manuella Pfunder

Karin Mörck-Hamilton

 Crane Currency

Gellert Barat

Art Director Jura JSP Ltd.

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