Future Of Intaglio Summit

International Banknote Designers Association

Date and location changed for Dubrovnik, Croatia, 28 May 2021

The Future of Intaglio Summit represents a coming together of industry decision-makers, designers, engravers and other stakeholders in the banknote design and issuing process. Our goal is to facilitate an open exchange and dialogue on what the future of intaglio should and could look like and what steps need to be taken by our industry to get there.

Why Hold a Summit?

Intaglio has served the banknote industry for over 100 years but despite its multiple qualities and virtues, our industry appears uncertain about how to fully utilise this technique in modern banknote design. Clearly some degree of consensus and a unifying strategy is required to enable the banknote industry position this unique printing process alongside the growing number of security technologies available. Intaglio is at cross-roads and in order to determine the best way forward all actors and stakeholders in the banknote development, issue and user chain must come together and begin communication.

The Future of Intaglio Summit has been developed for this very reason – to facilitate open exchange, dialogue and sharing of information to support a more sustainable and long-term strategy to managing intaglio for the benefit of the banknote industry in the future.

The Issues:

Intaglio is a true multi-dimensional technique contributing to a wide range of defining banknote assets including:

  • Recognition (User Experience)
  • Durability
  • Security
  • Machine-readability
  • Integration
  • Design

However, a growing number of diverse opinions concerning the cost, time, resources, technology and quality have been fueling the need to re-examine the value proposition represented by intaglio in today’s world. The Future of Intaglio Summit will address these issues head-on via a series of presentations and panel discussions and attempt to bring together a common and more informed consensus on how to best use intaglio in the future, establish a clear set of measurable goals and define what measures need to be taken to achieve these.

A Global Perspective:

To ensure that we can consider the perspective of all actors and stakeholders who have an interest in the intaglio development and deployment chain, the Future of Intaglio Summit will be preceded by a series of global surveys designed to reach and gather information from the international central bank, printer, designer and cash-cycle communities/ industries. This exercise will allow us create an up to date and accurate picture of the current and future expectations from intaglio as a technique/feature and intaglio as a process.

The Main Subjects Addressed Include:

Intaglio Content:

  • More vs. Less
  • Simplicity vs. Complexity
  • Bigger vs. Smaller Portraits
  • Intaglio Level 1 Tech Integration
  • Text & Key symbols

Intaglio Value

  • The User Experience
  • Machine Readability
  • Durability & Substrates
  • Security

Intaglio Challenges

  • Quality vs. Commodity
  • Intaglio Engraver vs. Intaglio Designer
  • Design Tools & Technology
  • Origination Process

Intaglio Trade-offs

  • Intaglio Cost vs. Value
  • Intaglio Cost vs. Quality
  • Intaglio Quality vs. Time
  • Intaglio Recto Verso

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