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Our Mission, Vision & Values

International Banknote Designers Association

Our Mission

Recognising that many gaps existed within the banknote industry between those who possess information and knowledge and those who needed it most, the IBDA was developed to bridge these gaps and unite such actors. Our mission was and continues to be very simple:

In order to improve the vital flow of relevant and up to date information to banknote
designers the IBDA has established a set of concrete objectives that will define and drive all activities and projects. These are:

  • To enable better communication
    • Between designers
    • Between designers and industry
    • Between designers and other
  • To give designers
    • collective recognition
    • power and influence
    • more information
  • To represent designer interests at all levels with
    • Industry
    • Industry
    • Printers
    • Forensic/Adversarial Analysis  Agencies
    • Other
  • To support the designers of the future

Since 2010 we have staged over 35 international events and issued over 40 publications on the subject of banknote design in pursuit of our mission.

Our Vision

We live in a period of change where choice of payment tolls has never been greater. We recognise the validity of non-cash payments instruments and see the clear value they create for certain sectors of society.

However, we believe that banknotes possess a series of intrinsic and unique characteristics that make them an essential part of human society, facilitating free trade, consume choice, confidence, and of course, universal access to and inclusion in nations banking system. To this end we are committed to make banknotes the very best they can be.

In this emerging multipayment environment, where the consumer choses how to pay for goods and services, banknotes continue to play an important role. Our job is to support the design and design decision-maker communities to engineer and develop banknote design solutions that meet the changing needs of the user (human and machine) while satisfying all other expectations from actors within the cash cycle. This can only be achieved by engaging in research, learning from others and understanding the needs of the public. The IBDA works with all major industry actors, central banks and designers to ensure that banknotes fulfil their role in society and continue to deliver ongoing benefits and advantages to users within the global payments eco-system

Sustainability Policy

The IBDA Sustainability Policy integrates
economic progress, social responsibility and environmental concerns with the
objective of improving quality of life via universal access to cash.

  • We uphold thevalues of integrity, honesty, partnership and fairness  in  our
    relationship  with stakeholders.
  • We strive to consistently enhance our value proposition to Members and Partners and adhere to our commitments and promises.
  • We encourage and support our Members and Partners to adopt responsible  business
    policies, business ethics and codes of conduct.
  • We are committed to protecting ecology, maintaining and renewing bio-diversity.
  • We invest in people and facilitate the sharing of expertise and knowledge in the pursuit of banknote design evolution and excellence.
  • We work in partnership with industry stakeholders to leverage design in such a way so that it makes cash an ethical and advantageous payment tool option.
  • We research, develop and deploy design information to make cash production cost-effective and efficient.
  • We support and actively promote programmes to make cash universally accessible and user-friendly through innovative design concepts.