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IBDA 2022 Designing for the Future WebChats

International Banknote Designers Association

These new webchats will be our 2nd series of WebChats following the 2021 New Perspective series that attracted significant interest and viewer levels. While these WebChats represent a temporary communication and interface media with IBDA Members (until direct physical communication is possible), they have proven to be an extremely efficient, effective and engaging way to reconnect with our community around the emerging issues confronting designers, design decision-makers and technology developers.

The table below shows the different topics and dates for these webchats.

For more information, please contact: info@ibd-association.com

Date (2022)Subject
02 FebCash in the Future:

Who Will Use It, Why and How – A Global Perspective?

09 FebDesigning for the Future:

How Design Can Support Cash to Meet Future Demands?

16 FebDesign Tools & Technology for the Future:

What Can We Expect & How Will it Help?

23 FebSubstrate Innovation to Support the Future of Cash (1):                         

How Can the Designer Use Durable Substrates to Support Cash Sustainability?

02 MarchSubstrate Innovation to Support the Future of Cash (2):                         

How Can Advanced Substrate Technology & Features Help the Designer to Create Next Generation Designs?

09 MarchPrint innovation to Support the Future of Cash (1):                         

What the Designer Can Expect from the Printing Process in the Future?

16 MarchPrint innovation to Support the Future of Cash (2):                                   

What Will We Print on the Banknote Landscape in the future and Why?

23 MarchDesigning to Influence Payment Tool Choice:                               

How Can the Designer Maximise the User Experience?

30 MarchDesigning for Physical & Digital Currency:

A New Role for the Banknote Designer?

06 AprilFuture Challenges for the Banknote Designer:                                  

How Design Will Evolve in Line with a Changing World (Process, Materials, Time, Cost, Content, Connectivity)?