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How to become an IBDA member

International Banknote Designers Association

Why Become and IBDA Member 

In response to some questions concerning why a banknote designer or an organisation active in banknote design projects should become an IBDA Member, we have developed the following 10 Good Reasons to join the IBDA: 

  • Stay informed on the latest in design technology developments and processes 
  • Keep up to date on the very latest security features, substrates and integration techniques 
  • Develop a structured approach and process for the creation of a new banknote series 
  • Adopt a set of demonstrated best practices when developing a new banknote series 
  • Enrich your knowledge on specific subjects such as machine readability, perception science, project planning, and design trends and what the future will hold for all. 
  • Be aware of the latest counterfeiting trends, threads and challenges to the designer 
  • Gain a broader perspective on banknote design and widen your international contact network with designers, developers and suppliers 
  • Develop new skills and practical know-how during highly interactive banknote designer workshops led by industry experts and tech developers 
  • Learn how some of the most striking banknotes have been developed via a series of case studies and specimen workshops 
  • Gather precious reference information, publications and technical guides. 

IBDA Member Categories:

We have developed 4 different categories of IBDA memberships: 

  • Single Membership: is for independent designers, usually working alone and gives access to IBDA information for 1 designer only (Euro 400)
  • Multiple Membership: is for small companies and gives access to IBDA information for max. 3 designers (Euro 1500)
  • Company-Wide Membership: is for large companies where information shall be accessible to many people/departments. The number of designers/members is unlimited (Euro 3000)
  • Affiliate Membership: this new programme has been developed upon request from central banks, banknote printers, technology developers and forensic agencies. Affiliate Membership status allows you and your organisation to benefit from an extensive range of additional benefits and privileges and for many organisations generates a very fast and direct return on investment. We recognise that many IBDA Member Organisations have difficulty in obtaining budget approval to participate in some of our events and activities. By becoming an Affiliate Member there is little or no need to request further internal budgets to participate in any IBDA activity since effectively, everything is included in this type of membership. Many Central Banks and companies prefer this approach as it is simple clear and grants them the visibility they need for the full year ahead.  (Euro 10,000)