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Our Activity

International Banknote Designers Association

The IBDA effectively acts as an information hub within our community, focused on banknote design and related issues. We run a range of activities to support the diffusion of such information to banknote designers and other parties active in banknote design projects according to the below illustration:

Our success is built upon the partnership
between industry actors and banknote designers. A wealth of information exists
within the IBDA Member & Partner network. The IBDA provides a safe mechanism
for the diffusion of appropriate information to appropriate people. We act as
an information hub, distributing information or a request for information from
a specific party to the relevant information source.

The IBDA is based on the philosophy that everybody wins if banknote design continues to evolve and improve, embracing the new technologies, features and processes available. However, in order to achieve this, banknote designers must be fully informed, trained and aware of the challenges and risks. IBDA Members and Partners who share the above philosophy act as an essential source of information and support for the international banknote design community. The IBDA ensures an efficient and comprehensive flow of information and advice from Members and Partners to designers via a range of communication tools, events, educational activity and publications.