Post-Covid 19 Initiatives

International Banknote Designers Association

Most of us have lived through a rather unique experience over the past few months. The spread of Covid-19 and the associated measures taken by national and international government agencies has propelled us into a different mode of living with more restrictions to our liberty, choice and day-to-day activity than many of us are familiar with.

The recent months have clearly demonstrated that banknotes are now under threat. Not because they are bad or don’t work, but because public opinion, fueled by scare tactics, adverse media reports and the desire to avoid personal risk, have been stigmatised in some countries. The banknote user has been directed to use more ‘contactless’ or frictionless’ payment tools and across the globe, despite considerable efforts to correct the situation, banknote usage rates have plummeted.

This has driven the IBDA to launch a set of Post-Covid 19 Initiatives. You will find out more on these projects below.


A Personal Memory of a Global Crisis

IBDA Intaglio Designers Tribute to Those Special People and Moments We Experienced During the Covid-19 Pandemic

‘REFLECTIONS’ is a global intaglio engraver/designer artwork initiative whereby intaglio engravers from around the world produce a piece of non-banknote or banknote artwork that captures a personal moment, emotion, memory or other poignant event that tells their story of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The artwork does not need to result in an intaglio origination. Simple sketch work or line art drawings are perfectly suitable and the objective is to evoke and provoke thoughts and emotions of what we have lived through and learned during this truly global crisis, that touched all of our lives.

To facilitate ease of participation in this important project there will be no set of strict guidelines or parameters. You are entirely free to channel your thoughts, search your hearts and bring forward an image that is highly personal and means something special to you.

Ideally, your artwork should be in a relatively large format of at least A3 (297 x 420mm) and we would also require a high-resolution scan to allow exhibition of your artwork at the 6th IBDC and publication in a commemorative ‘REFLECTIONS’ Artbook.

This project will culminate at the 6th IBDC and Central Banks around the world will have the opportunity to purchase a large format limited edition print collection of all ‘REFLECTIONS’ artwork for display in their head office/museum. A commemorative book will also be printed. The revenues will be repatriated to aid agencies helping reconstruction and development in the post Covid-19 world. All ‘REFLECTIONS’ participants will have the opportunity to nominate their preferred aid agency and project revenue will be divided equally among the nominated agencies and allocated accordingly. The IBDA will not generate any profit from this activity.

We sincerely hope that you will see this initiative as an opportunity to express yourself and your emotions during this unique period in time. We invite you to join to tell your story through powerful visual imagery while at the same time making a strong and direct contribution to human development and recovery in our new post Covid-19 world.

We will soon launch a dedicated ‘REFLECTIONS’ website that will contain all the information, participant details and project structure. You will also have the opportunity to share thoughts, experiences and upload your artwork iterations while exchanging other participants and IBDA Members.

Covid-19 was and still is a global phenomenon that has touch us all and this is one simple, yet effective way to share your experiences while helping to build a new world.

Please show you care by joining us and participating with your global colleagues and friends in the ‘REFLECTIONS’ project.

To register for ‘REFLECTIONS’, simply send an email stating that you wish to participate to and we will follow-up directly with you.