World Banknote Project Post Conference Seminar at Banknote 2020

International Banknote Designers Association


Post-Conference Seminar 

The IBDA is proud to partner with the Banknote Conference 2020 and afford delegates the opportunity to discover what the Future of Banknotes will look like. The World Banknote Project (WBP) is the largest banknote design project ever staged and includes over 50 futuristic designs from 42 countries.

Join us at our Post- Conference Seminar from 13.30 – 16.00h 05 November 2020 and develop your own insights on what will drive evolution and innovation in banknote design. This unique opportunity will help you create and frame your own vision of the future.

WBP Seminar Agenda

Time  Subject  Organization  
13.30-13.45 The WBP Explained IBDA 
13.45-14.15The ‘Time’ Banknote CCL Secure 
14.15-14.45Pure ‘MOTION’ Crane Currency 
14.45-15.15Going Way Beyond



15.15-15.45The ‘TANG’ Global Banknote Concept De La Rue Currency 
15.45-16.00Bringing Energy to
Panel Discussion 


10 Good Reasons to Attend the WBP Seminar

  1. Stay informed on the latest in design technology developments and processes
  2. Keep up to date on the very latest security features, substrates and integration techniques
  3. Develop a structured approach and process for the creation of a new banknote series
  4. Adopt a set of demonstrated best practices when developing a new banknote series
  5. Enrich your knowledge on specific subjects such as machine readability, perception science, project planning, and design trends and what the future will hold for all
  6. Be aware of the latest counterfeiting trends, threads and challenges to the designer
  7. Gain a broader perspective on banknote design and widen your international contact network with designers, developers and suppliers
  8. Develop new skills and practical know-how during highly inter- active banknote designer workshops led by industry experts and tech developers
  9. Learn how some of the most striking banknotes have been developed via a series of case studies and workshops
  10. Gather precious reference information, publications and technology information

You can quickly and easily register for the IBDA World Banknote Project Seminar via the Banknote Conference 2020 website. Please use the following link:

Registration fee for the seminar is $400

All delegates will receive a copy of an IBDA publication on Banknote Design and Project Management