IBDA At The Global Currency Forum 2020

International Banknote Designers Association

21-24 September 2020 / Barcelona, Spain

Cash payment, purchase, sale, receipt

The IBDA will host a specific session on banknote design at the 2020 Global Currency Forum. This new event has been developed by the ICA and the aim is for it to become a flagship, future- focused, thought-leadership forum that will directly impact the future role of cash in a changing payment landscape.

The IBDA Seminar is entitled:

Putting the Banknote User First – Design, Deployment and Communication Strategies for Central Banks

The Global Currency Forum is built on co-creation. That means working closely with central banks, partners, customers and all other participants over the next two years to design the most relevant and inspiring content.

It will result in a multi-platform experience with a variety of con- tent streams to increase relevance for all participants. In other words, it’s not one size fits all; you will be empowered to build your own experience at this refreshing new event.

To find out more about the 2020 Global Currency Forum please visit https://www.globalcurrencyforum.org/ehome/200187077/home/– . The Seminar will take place on 24 September 2020 from 11.00h- 16.00h. This informal and open forum is designed for experts in the field to share and present their experiences and research. It provides a forum to discuss why the banknote User Experience is so important and how It can be leveraged to support cash as a payments tool.