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5th IBDC 2018

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The Banknote of the Future Competition

The IBDA Committee has formally launched the Banknote of the Future project. The idea for such a project was already mentioned during the closing comments at the 1st IBDC in Geneva in September 2010.

The objective is to find out if banknote designers are using the full potential of current design, origination and printing technology and to see just how creative and striking they can be. The IBDA Committee invites you to produce 1-3 graphical security banknote designs for exhibition during the 2nd IBDC. All banknote designers may participate in the Banknote of the Future Project and they will be given exhibition space during the 2nd IBDC in September 2012, to present their designs to IBDC delegates and explain the inspiration, concept and logic behind their creations.

This is not a competition since there will be no winners or losers. The idea is to stimulate you to see how far and adventurous you can be when designing a banknote that has no major restrictions. The IBDA Committee will, however, select some designs and invite the designer to make a presentation during the next IBDC on their design concept. The key criteria we will be using when selecting such designs will be:

  • Originality
  • Creativity
  • Artistry
  • Practicality
  • Printability
  • Functionality
  • Security

The only guideline that your designs must follow is that they must be printable, respecting the parameters and limitations of the printing and quality control processes. Remember that you are free to choose the dimensions, colours, orientations and any other variables for your Banknotes of The Future. You may select to use portraits, symbols, numbers or any other content you wish. However, it is recommended that the banknote size falls within the following measurements:

» 75-125mm (height) x 150-250 mm (length)

If you wish to participate in the Banknote of the Future Project please e-mail us at: » banknoteofthefuture@ibd-association.com so that we can register you. We will provide a suitable infrastructure and viewing time during the 2nd IBDC to allow all delegates to view your creations and give you the opportunity to present your work.

The most important element of this exercise is for you to participate. We need new ideas, more creativity and more designers to push technology to the limits in order to evolve. Banknote design has been accused by many of remaining too conservative and traditional. This is your opportunity to provide some perspectives for the future and to reinvent what we currently call a ‘typical’ banknote design.

We look forward to receiving your mails and seeing you stretch your imagination and design skills to new levels… Good luck!
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