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Giving IBDA Members Access to the World of Banknotes via Industry Publications and DataVault

One of the main objectives of the IBDA has always been to improve banknote designer access to information. In pursuit of this goal we have developed access channels for IBDA Members to the following valuable information sources:

InfoSecura Magazine

Billeteria Magazine

WaterMark English Digest

The organisations responsible for publications have agreed to allow us distribute .pdf versions of each edition to all IBDA Members as they are published. You can find out more about the above publications and organisations by visiting their respective websites:

InfoSecura Magazine:
Billeteria Magazine:
for English visit
for Spanish visit
Please note that all previous editions of Billeteria are available on this link
WaterMark English Digest:

The IBDA will begin distributing the above publications to you in .pdf format as of October 2013.

The IBDA has also completed discussions to give our Members access to the world of banknotes via the DataVault on-line directory of banknotes. DataVault is a proprietary on-line information source comprising a catalogue of all the world's banknotes, archive copies of Currency News and a regular news update on new note issues. It is a powerful tool for providing a range of additional and complementary information to banknote designers around the world, allowing them view new designs, security features, substrates, integration techniques and aesthetics.

Key features of DataVault include:

online banknote database featuring all the world's banknotes
includes over 1,700 banknotes in use in 220 countries;
high resolution images plus clear and detailed descriptions provided of each note, along with images of the front and reverse (under normal, UV and IR light) with photographic enlargements of key security features;
searchable by a wide range of parameters - country, currency, date of issues, image, keyword
unique advanced search facility allows searches by colour, size and security feature;
each country section includes details of alternative currencies in use and links to the issuing authority. Many also include useful background travel and business information;
up to date - continuously updated to ensure the information is current and accurate;
available in English, Russian, French, Spanish, Italian, German and Dutch

The DataVault service is a practical and immediate tool that IBDA Members can use on a regular basis.

By offering the above services to registered IBDA Members, we aim to improve the level and quality of information at their disposal. This information will give designers a powerful tool to look at the world of banknotes from different perspectives and to learn from what others have done. We hope you enjoy the new range of services offered to you by the IBDA and we welcome any feedback.

We remind you that this service is for IBDA Member only. IBDA access to DataVault is controlled to detect and avoid abuse. Under no circumstances should your IBDA DataVault access password be distributed to any third party. You will receive your confidential IBDA DataVault user password by email shortly.

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