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IBDA Seminars for Design Decision-Makers 2017
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WBP 2017
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5th IBDC 2018

5th IBDC 2018


The IBDA will only work if a true partnership exists between industry actors and banknote designers. The IBDA Partnership Programme is based on the philosophy that everybody wins if banknote design continues to evolve and improve, embracing the new technologies, features and processes available. However in order to achieve this, banknote designers must be fully informed, trained and aware of the challenges and risks.

IBDA Partners who share the above philosophy will act as an essential source of information and support for the international banknote design community. The IBDA will ensure an efficient and comprehensive flow of information and advice from partners to designers and facilitate feedback so that partners can better understand the needs and concerns of designers who, ultimately, will define the content and aesthetics of banknote series.

Becoming an IBDA partner is your opportunity to make a real difference in our industry. Your company will be among a limited number of industry leaders (IBDA Partnership Programme is limited to 15 companies) perceived as having the vision and drive to give something back to the industry, to help, to support and to ensure the future of banknote security, functionality and durability.

  Current IBDA Partners are listed below:
Arjowiggins Security CCL mei
Crane Currency DeLaRue G&D
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IEA-Training Programme
Intaglio Engraving Art Foundation created in Urbino 2014 by the IBDA

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