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5th IBDC 2018

Intaglio Engraver Training Programme

Why Create a Training Programme?

The Intaglio Engraver Training Programme has been developed in response to demands from the international engraver community, central banks and banknote printers. The programme has been developed in a modular fashion to enable engravers at any level enter the programme and perfect their skills according to a suitable plan. Students will be supported, monitored and followed at every step by a team of 5 internationally renowned Master Intaglio Engravers and at the end of the training programme the intaglio engraver will be awarded an industry recognised IBDA qualification according to the results achieved.

What Are Our Objectives?

The IBDA Intaglio Engravers Training Programme aims to achieve the following objectives:

Preserve and protect the current base of hand engraving skills, knowledge and techniques for future generations.
Ensure that all intaglio engravers understand and are competent in the fundamentals of intaglio artwork preparation, sketching, hand engraving and the intaglio printing process before adopting the newer digital techniques.
Give engravers the necessary basis to enable them to fully exploit new engraving technology and push this technology to the limit.
Enable new engravers to learn and develop a comprehensive set of engraving skills in a structured and controlled environment.
Enable existing engravers to improve and perfect their engraving techniques and capacity to manage an intaglio design project from beginning to end.
Enable existing master engravers pass their knowledge and skills onto the new generation of engravers
Train the masters and teachers of the future.
Foster and support intaglio design creativity, individuality, personality and style.

What Does The Training Programme Cover?

The Intaglio Engraver Training programme has been built on a modular architecture to enable engravers possessing different skill levels (or none at all) to learn and develop at a pace that is suitable to them and is complimentary to their existing workload at the central bank of banknote printing works.
The programme is based on a 1-6 year syllabus consisting of progressive modules leading to certification after the completion of each step. A specific training plan has been developed for each training course containing the following elements:

Foundation Certificate:

1 year programme leading to an IBDA Diploma in Intaglio Engraving Techniques
- Provide student/s with a general introduction to the banknote industry and intaglio
- Provide history and background to engraving
- Teach advanced techniques in hand drawing, artwork preparation, hand and digital engraving for intaglio
- Provide students with an advanced level of information and training on hand and digital engraving techniques and technology
- Create awareness of the artistry and human element necessary to generate hand engravings
- Create awareness of the opportunities presented by new engraving tools
- Allow students experiment/generate intaglio designs & proof them







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