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World Banknote Project
General Assembly of the IBDA held on 23 Novembre 2011 in Lausanne

  1. Welcome:

Mr Mark Stevenson confirms that as requested by many IBDA partners and members, the general assemblies will be held in English and the minutes written in English too. Mrs Vanessa Lavie is designated as secretary.

  2. Presentation of projects completed in 2011, and actives and futures     projects for 2012

The following summary of IBDA projects were presented by the President:

  • Completed projects:
    1. Machine Readability Workshop, Vienna, Austria
    2. Intaglio Engravers Summit, Budapest Hungary
    3. Creation of Intaglio Engravers Working Group & 1st meeting
    4. Creation of IBDA website
    5. Creation of IBDA newsletters
    6. Creation of 2nd IBDC Media
    7. Industry-wide recognition of IBDA
  • Active Projects:
    1. Intaglio Engravers Training Programme
    2. Designer Exchange Programme
    3. Machine Readability Working Group/Guidelines (MRWG)
    4. Substrates & Durability Working Group/Guidelines (SDWG)
    5. IBDA Declaration on Intaglio
    6. 2nd IBDC
    7. Newsletters
    8. IBDA Website Secure Zone/Information Archive
    9. Banknote of the Future Project
  • Future Projects:
    1. OutReach Programme (2013)
    2. Other Guideline Projects
      3. Decision on 2012 Membership fee Communication to IBDA members

    In 2011, all participants to the IBDC conference were automatically included in the distribution list for information on IBDA projects. The President & Communications Manager will inform all IBDA paying and non-paying members that access to IBDA events, resources and projects will be exclusively available to individually having paid their IBDA Membership fee for 2012.

      4. Budget 2011/12 & Actualised Costs:

    The actual costs 2011 and the budget 2012 have been updated with the new projects launched in 2011.

      5. Validation and audit of IBDA Accounts

    Having interviewed 5 potential candidates, Afina SA (located in Lausanne, Switzerland) has been awarded the contract to act as accountant and auditor of IBDA accounts.

      6. Membership fees

    The 2012 annual IBDA membership fee remains unchanged and will range between Euro 300 & 1000 depending on the type of membership requested.

    The 2012 annual subscription fee by supporting partners remains unchanged and is:

    Direct partners
    Associate partners
    Euro 25’000
    Euro 15’000

    No further issues were discussed at the General Assembly and the President brought the session to a close at 10.30am.

    The President:

    Mark Stevenson
    The Secretary:

    Vanessa Lavie

    If you require more information about the IBDA 2011 General Assembly please contact us at info@ibd-association.com
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