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IBDA Seminars for Design Decision-Makers 2017
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WBP 2017
World Banknote Project

5th IBDC 2018

5th IBDC 2018

What is the IBDA?

The IBDA is an association for banknote designers run by banknote designers. It is a non-profit-making association registered in Switzerland with a fixed operational structure.

The IBDA has developed a strong identity and market presence within the banknote industry. Our mission is to represent the 250 designers active in banknote design across more than 70 countries. We act as the unified voice for the international banknote designer community, representing their interests, needs and concerns to relevant banknote industry actors such as:

  • Central banks
  • Printers
  • Suppliers
  • Media
  • Conferences
  • Other Industry Associations

The IBDA will facilitate and enable better communication and dissemination of information between banknote designers and the banknote industry to ensure continued evolution and progress in banknote security, functionality and durability. The IBDA operates on a truly international scale with a high degree of visibility and market reach, ensuring all designers, central banks and other parties involved in the design process have access to and the support from our resources.




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IEA-Training Programme
Intaglio Engraving Art Foundation created in Urbino 2014 by the IBDA

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